FAQ Category: Transactions

  • A team can only apply one of each type of franchise tag (EFT, NFT, TT) to their own players. However, it is possible to have multiple EFTs, NFTs or TTs if they acquire them from another team via trade.

  • Yes, players who have been given the EFT, NFT or TT can be traded to other teams.

    NOTE: If a tagged player gets traded, the team that traded him away cannot tag someone else with that same type of tag. The tag travels with the player to the new team.

  • Players who are Restricted Free Agents (RFAs) and whose contracts have expired at the end of the season can have their “rights” traded during the offseason.

    Players who are Unrestricted Free Agents (UFAs) and whose contracts have expired cannot be traded during the offseason as they are no longer bound to any team.

  • Yes, the in-season trade deadline is October 31 at 11:59 p.m. Once November hits, trading is prohibited until the morning after the league’s championship game.

    This roughly two-month period is the only time of the calendar year when trades are not allowed.

  • Players signed during the season are limited to 1-year contracts.

  • Yes, teams can use their remaining cash to bid on available players. That’s why it’s imperative that teams do not use all their money at the Auction.

  • The Waiver Wire is an in-season place where available players reside. Teams can make daily bids on available players who do not currently have a contract.

    Teams can also claim players under contract who were cut by other teams. It costs nothing, but the team who claims the player must take over his contract.

  • Players under contract, under franchise tags, or on expiring Restricted Free Agent contracts, cash, and draft picks are the only tradable assets.

  • Draft picks can be traded up to three drafts into the future.