FAQ Category: Playoffs

  • There will be a “Toilet Bowl” bracket between the four teams that miss the playoffs. This is just for fun and pride with no awards earned. The losing team (I’ll say it again: the losing team) advances each round until the ultimate loser is crowned.

  • The four division winners earn seeds 1-4, based on record and tiebreakers. The four wild card winners are seeded 5-8 based on points scored.

    Seed 1 faces Seed 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6, and 4 vs. 5.

    Each week, playoffs are re-seeded so that the best seed always faces the lowest seed.

  • The playoffs begin during Week 15 of the NFL’s regular season.

  • Eight teams make the playoffs each season. The four division winners, plus the next four-highest scoring teams, regardless of division.