Inaugural DFL Auction draws near; a brief overview

DFL Auction

The inaugural Dynasty Fantasy League auction is just 10 days away. This is the biggest, most important day of the DFL calendar, but even the most important day of the league’s existence, given that all teams are currently on equal ground. What happens in this auction can make or break a team’s fortunes for the foreseeable future.

No pressure…

So, what can be expected during this day? How will the event play out? Here’s a primer.

  • The auction will be Sunday, July 17 at 11am. For those in attendance, please arrive a little early to settle in and pick your favorite seat. We’ll discuss any questions anyone has and then get started.
  • Owners can keep track of rosters and financials on the league’s website. It would be helpful for everyone to keep a tally of their signed players on a piece of paper as well, serving as a system of checks and balances to make sure numbers are right.
  • We’ll randomly draw the name of the first owner to nominate a player and then the nomination order will proceed clockwise around the room.
  • The first owner will nominate any player he chooses and teams will bid on that player until the commissioner completes the “Going once… going twice… sold” cadence and declares him sold to the highest bidder.
  • The commissioner will input that player and his final bid into the database, updating the winning team’s roster and financial situation.
  • Once the website is updated, the next owner in the room in clockwise direction will nominate the next player. The process will repeat as just stated.
  • Each team has a $100 budget and 20 roster spots to fill. BE ADVISED: that $100 has to last you the entire season. If you spend all $100 on Auction Day, you will have no money to spend on free agents in-season.
  • Contracts are a minimum $1, and bids can be made in increments of $0.1.
  • Trades can be made during the auction, but BE ADVISED: the more trades there are — or the more complicated they might be — could slow down the auction as the website gets updated and financials are squared away.
  • Every year after this one, all teams must leave the auction with 20 players on their active roster. However, given that no players are currently under contract and that the auction will take several hours, teams are able to leave the auction with less than 20 players on their active roster. They will have to fill their roster with waiver wire acquisitions in the week leading up to the first game.

That should give you an overview of how the auction will go and some of the logistics that make it run. If you have more questions, please reach out. And of course, visit the Rule Book and FAQs pages for more guidance on the league.

Good luck!