Contract tips and projected lengths

Josh Allen

Over the next five-and-a-half weeks, DFL owners will be evaluating their rosters and making some tough decisions on how long to sign their new free agents.

This process is one of the most important general managerial duties that teams will undertake. Step 1 was actually luring in the talent and assembling the team. Step 2 is figuring out the cap and putting pen to paper.

If a team is overzealous in signing its contracts or badly misevaluates its players, the franchise could be set back multiple years. On the flip side, identifying good deals and capitalizing on them can set up a team for seasons to come.

Here are some tips for DFL owners on determining the length of player contracts.

  1. As a general rule, the more expensive a player, the less willing you should be to sign him to a multi-year deal. Also as a general rule, the older that a player is, the more cautious you should be in signing him long-term. (Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule.)
  2. Compare your players to others at their positions. If you think that their production ranking will meet or exceed their salary ranking, it is probably advantageous to sign them to multiple years. For instance: if you have the 10th-highest paid running back and you think he’ll finish 9th in scoring or better, his contract is probably advantageous to you.
  3. Pay attention to each player’s NFL contract (You can use Spotrac). If a guy just signed a brand new deal with a team, his security is probably pretty good and signing him to a multi-year deal seems more feasible. If he’s in the final year of his contract and his future is uncertain, it might not make sense to sign him long-term.
  4. Likewise, pay attention to the stability of your players’ NFL coaching regimes. If an NFL team is pretty lousy and there’s a good chance the coaching staff and/or general manager will be fired after the season, that could really make your player’s status unsteady.
  5. Pay attention to upcoming DFL free agent classes. Obviously, in this, the first year of the league’s existence, you cannot look ahead to free agent classes because nobody is under contract. But in future years, you’ll be able to see which players will be free agents in coming seasons, so you can decide if there might be better options available on the open market. For instance, if you have an expensive running back whom you like, you might look ahead to next year’s crop of free agent running backs and realize you like some of those players better, so you can sign your expensive back to a one-year deal and play the market next year.
  6. Try to stagger positional contracts on your team, if possible. Try not to have all the running backs on your roster have expiring contracts at the same time. Likewise with receivers or tight ends or quarterbacks. This is only a general guideline, though, because you don’t want to shortchange yourself a good deal just to avoid this problem.

Hopefully these guidelines provide a little bit of assistance and clarity in determining the lengths of your players’ contracts.

Now, let’s examine each team’s possible contract lengths.

Australia Blue Heelers

Notes: The Blue Heelers are fairly young with the exception of the geriatrics at quarterback. If this league had been running for a few years, Tom Brady would’ve been signed to five consecutive 1-year deals. And he just keeps going. But this finally feels like his last year … I think. Cousins has two years left on his NFL deal but no immediate backup ready to take over for him after this season. For a high-end QB2/low-end QB1, he’s got a good deal. The best running back in the league also has the highest contract in the league. The Blue Heelers would be better served inking Taylor to a one-year deal. Antonio Gibson flashed a lot of promise earlier in his career but he’s in a loaded backfield, creating some uncertainty. Australia has a stacked receiving corps filled with young prospects. Most of these players are well priced and deserve long-term deals to show what they can do.

Pos Player Salary Years
QB Kirk Cousins, MIN $1.4 2
QB Tom Brady, TB $1.2 1
RB Jonathan Taylor, IND $31.0 1
RB Antonio Gibson, WAS $8.0 1
RB Melvin Gordon, DEN $1.7 1
RB Darrell Henderson, LAR $1.8 2
RB Ronald Jones, KC $1.3 2
RB D’Onta Foreman, CAR $1.0 1
RB Hassan Haskins, TEN $1.1 2
RB Chris Evans, CIN $1.0 1
WR Rashod Bateman, BAL $4.5 4
WR Drake London, ATL $5.8 4
WR DeVonta Smith, PHI $8.5 3
WR Jameson Williams, DET $5.6 4
WR Amon-Ra St. Brown, DET $8.6 2
WR Chris Olave, NO $3.6 4
WR Kadarius Toney, NYG $4.7 3
WR Khalil Shakir, BUF $1.2 1
TE Dallas Goedert, PHI $2.5 3
TE Brevin Jordan, HOU $1.0 2

Bolivia Llamas

Notes: Although Herbert’s contract is expensive, he’ll likely remain among the best quarterbacks in the league beyond this season. My hunch is that quarterback salaries will decline in future years, so tying him up for longer than two years might leave the Llamas hurting at other positions. Hurts, on the other hand, seems appropriately priced. He does have a cloud of uncertainty surrounding his NFL situation, and it’d be tough to get stuck with a long-term contract if he’s not the long-term solution. At this point in Derrick Henry’s career, he’s probably best suited for year-to-year contracts. Rookie Ken Walker is nicely priced for a long-term deal. Diontae Johnson’s 2022 seems murky at best and nobody knows where he’ll end up next year, but he’s too good and the price tag is decent that he could offer value beyond this year. Darren Waller is getting up there in age, but when you latch onto a strong tight end, keep him around if financially feasible.

Pos Player Salary Years
QB Justin Herbert, LAC $14.1 2
QB Jalen Hurts, PHI $5.2 2
QB Carson Wentz, WAS $1.0 1
RB Derrick Henry, TEN $20.0 1
RB Ken Walker, SEA $3.6 4
RB J.D. McKissic, WAS $1.9 1
RB Jamaal Williams, DET $1.5 1
RB Pierre Strong, NE $1.0 3
RB Ke’Shawn Vaughn, TB $1.0 1
RB Darrynton Evans, CHI $1.0 1
WR Stefon Diggs, BUF $21.1 1
WR Diontae Johnson, PIT $7.1 3
WR Gabriel Davis, BUF $3.2 3
WR Allen Lazard, GB $1.8 1
WR Curtis Samuel, WAS $1.0 1
WR Tre’Quan Smith, NO $1.0 1
TE Darren Waller, LV $11.5 2
TE David Njoku, CLE $1.0 2
TE Austin Hooper, TEN $1.0 2
TE O.J. Howard, BUF $1.0 1

Colombia Capybaras

Notes: The Capybaras were judicious with their money and have several players worth long-term deals. The most expensive of the bunch — Joe Mixon, Tee Higgins, Saquon Barkley — should probably be inked to 1-year deals. Despite Matthew Stafford’s age, he is appropriately priced and has more than a few good years left in him. Will Tua finally take a step forward surrounded by weapons? He has a great price tag and the cap hit wouldn’t be too costly if he ends up flopping. There is a bit of uncertainty surrounding some of the younger players, but at their price tags, it’s not a bad idea to sign them to multi-year deals.

Pos Player Salary Years
QB Matthew Stafford, LAR $3.0 2
QB Tua Tagovailoa, MIA $1.1 3
RB Joe Mixon, CIN $17.0 1
RB Saquon Barkley, NYG $12.5 1
RB Tony Pollard, DAL $2.5 4
RB James Cook, BUF $2.0 4
RB Rashaad Penny, SEA $3.0 1
RB Alexander Mattison, MIN $1.4 1
RB Kenneth Gainwell, PHI $1.3 2
RB Brian Robinson, WAS $1.5 3
RB Tyrion Davis-Price, SF $1.2 3
WR Tee Higgins, CIN $16.5 1
WR Tyreek Hill, MIA $10.5 2
WR DJ Moore, CAR $8.5 3
WR Chris Godwin, TB $6.5 3
WR Elijah Moore, NYJ $4.1 3
WR Kenny Golladay, NYG $1.2 2
WR Jalen Tolbert, DAL $1.3 3
TE T.J. Hockenson, DET $3.5 3
TE Noah Fant, SEA $1.3 1

Greece Trojans

Notes: Lamar Jackson is waiting for an NFL contract extension and his price tag is on the higher side. As I mentioned before, I think the quarterback market will correct itself in subsequent off-seasons when teams recognize the talent diversity and see the need to spend some of that money on other positions. Najee Harris is a good young player but his price tag is awfully high. The Trojans might want to go the franchise tag route with him next offseason. Ezekiel Elliott is nicely priced, but getting old for a running back. He could have two years left in him, but he’s got a younger back breathing down his neck. It seems criminal not to sign DK Metcalf to multiple years even if he struggles this season with poor quarterback play. There has to be a better quarterback waiting beyond the horizon. There are a lot of other players with uncertain futures, even if they have low price tags. The Trojans might want not just cap flexibility but roster flexibility as well.

Pos Player Salary Years
QB Lamar Jackson, BAL $10.0 1
RB Najee Harris, PIT $25.0 1
RB Ezekiel Elliott, DAL $6.5 1
RB Devin Singletary, BUF $2.0 1
RB James Robinson, JAX $2.5 2
RB Sony Michel, MIA $1.1 1
RB Marlon Mack, HOU $1.4 1
RB Rex Burkhead, HOU $1.0 1
WR DK Metcalf, SEA $10.1 2
WR Marquise Brown, ARI $6.2 2
WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, KC $4.7 1
WR Hunter Renfrow, LV $11.0 1
WR Adam Thielen, MIN $2.0 1
WR DJ Chark, DET $1.0 1
WR Mecole Hardman, KC $1.1 1
WR Robbie Anderson, CAR $1.0 1
WR Sterling Shepard, NYG $1.0 1
WR Marquez Callaway, NO $1.0 1
TE Dalton Schultz, DAL $5.0 1
TE Robert Tonyan, GB $1.5 1

Ireland Shamrocks

NOTES: Burrow is the fifth-highest paid DFL quarterback, and might not finish in that tier this season. His contract length is sketchy. Mac Jones and Kenny Pickett are young quarterbacks with cheap contracts who can be given time to develop. There’s a good chance that Javonte Williams doesn’t get to show if he can be a full workhorse this year, but he still has a bright future ahead of him. Clyde the glide has been somewhat a disappointment in his short career, but at his price tag he seems worth a multi-year contract. Rhamondre Stevenson could explode this year … or, he could be lost among the bodies in that backfield. The price seems reasonable. The Shamrocks’ “Big Three” at receiver are all appropriately priced for multiple years. Even Keenan Allen, who is on the wrong side of 30. At some point, Travis Kelce is going to hit a wall, or at least start to decline, but I’m not sure when that will be. That’s for the Shamrocks to decide.

Pos Player Salary Years
QB Joe Burrow, CIN $9.0 2
QB Mac Jones, NE $1.2 3
QB Kenny Pickett, PIT $1.2 4
RB Javonte Williams, DEN $16.0 2
RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC $3.5 2
RB Rhamondre Stevenson, NE $3.0 3
RB Cordarrelle Patterson, ATL $3.0 1
RB Myles Gaskin, MIA $1.0 1
RB Chris Carson, SEA $1.0 1
RB Kyren Williams, LAR $1.0 2
WR Jaylen Waddle, MIA $7.0 3
WR Terry McLaurin, WAS $8.0 3
WR Keenan Allen, LAC $8.5 2
WR Rondale Moore, ARI $2.0 2
WR Romeo Doubs, GB $1.0 1
WR Byron Pringle, CHI $1.0 1
WR Nelson Agholor, NE $1.0 1
TE Travis Kelce, KC $25.0 1
TE Adam Trautman, NO $1.0 2
TE Greg Dulcich, DEN $1.0 2

Italy Emperors

NOTES: The Emperors have a good balance of veterans and youth. Dak Prescott is the 7th-highest paid DFL quarterback, so he’s ripe for a multi-year contract. Davis Mills is young, but there are questions surrounding his job security. Rookie Malik Willis should get a chance to develop and show what he can do. Breece Hall should be a good player, but he is expensive. Dalvin Cook is mid-twenties and can’t seem to finish a full season, but he’s worth a couple years. Presuming he doesn’t lose his freaking temper again, Kareem Hunt’s career should continue for a few years as at least one of the league’s better pass-catching backs. Mike Evans is getting up there in age, but he probably has a few good years left in him. DeAndre Hopkins is getting older but his salary is awfully cheap. Kyle Pitts’ salary seems appropriate for his talent, but now he has to prove it on the field.

Pos Player Salary Years
QB Dak Prescott, DAL $5.2 2
QB Davis Mills, HOU $1.0 1
QB Matt Ryan, IND $1.0 1
QB Malik Willis, TEN $1.1 4
RB Breece Hall, NYJ $18.0 3
RB Dalvin Cook, MIN $18.6 2
RB Kareem Hunt, CLE $3.0 3
RB Nyheim Hines, IND $2.0 1
RB D’Ernest Johnson, CLE $1.1 1
WR Mike Evans, TB $11.5 2
WR Darnell Mooney, CHI $7.2 3
WR DeAndre Hopkins, ARI $3.1 2
WR Robert Woods, TEN $2.6 1
WR Alec Pierce, IND $1.4 3
WR Van Jefferson, LAR $1.3 2
WR Terrace Marshall, CAR $1.1 2
WR Julio Jones, FA $1.0 1
TE Kyle Pitts, ATL $15.0 3
TE Hunter Henry, NE $1.3 1
TE Logan Thomas, WAS $1.1 1

Kazakhstan’s Very Nice Team

NOTES: The Very Nice Team’s “Big 4” — Austin Ekeler, Alvin Kamara, Deebo Samuel, A.J. Brown — should probably be given 1-year deals. A dip in production paired with multi-year deals at their price tags could lead to some serious cap trouble. Derek Carr just signed a multi-year deal in the NFL, pretty much cementing his status as a starter for the next few years. At his price tag, it’s worth it for Kazakhstan to sign him long-term, even if he winds up as their backup one day. Outside of A.J. Brown and Deebo Samuel, there is an awful lot of uncertainty surrounding the Very Nice Team’s very deep receiving corps. Calvin Ridley deserves at least a two-year deal since he’s out for one of them. But will he be in the right frame of mind to return next year? The ‘Stan have a number of first- and second-year players appropriately priced for multi-year contracts. Nobody quite knows the career direction of players like Allen Robinson, Chase Claypool and Tyler Lockett. But at their price tags, why not a second year? It’s hard not to envision them returning equal value to their salaries.

Pos Player Salary Years
QB Derek Carr, LV $1.5 3
QB Baker Mayfield, CAR $1.0 1
RB Austin Ekeler, LAC $22.0 1
RB Alvin Kamara, NO $18.0 1
RB Chase Edmonds, MIA $2.6 2
RB Zamir White, LV $1.3 3
WR A.J. Brown, PHI $15.5 1
WR Deebo Samuel, SF $18.0 1
WR Allen Robinson, LAR $1.7 2
WR Chase Claypool, PIT $2.6 2
WR Tyler Lockett, SEA $2.2 2
WR Christian Watson, GB $2.9 4
WR Calvin Ridley, ATL $1.4 2
WR Odell Beckham, FA $1.5 1
WR Corey Davis, NYJ $1.0 1
WR Wan’Dale Robinson, NYG $1.1 3
WR Joshua Palmer, LAC $1.1 3
WR Velus Jones, CHI $1.1 2
TE Zach Ertz, ARI $1.5 1
TE Gerald Everett, LAC $1.0 1

Papua New Guinea Pigs

NOTES: Josh Allen has been the league’s best quarterback and he’s also the highest-paid one as well. The risk of giving a quarterback a multi-year deal at his price tag is not commensurate with the likelihood he finishes first overall throughout the duration of said contract. The Pigs have two young quarterbacks who can sit and grow behind Allen. I feel better about Lawrence than I do Wilson, but both have cheap contracts. D’Andre Swift and Davante Adams are both very talented, but are highly expensive. And with Adams switching teams — or more importantly, switching quarterbacks — and turning 30 this year, that contract could look awfully bloated beyond 2022. Garrett Wilson, Pat Freiermuth and Tyler Allgeier are young prospects at good prices. J.K. Dobbins is right on the borderline. If he stays healthy, his production will exceed his salary. But he has to do what he has not been able to so far in his young career. James Conner had a fantastic season last year, but he has never finished one healthy. I think he’s worth at least two years at his price tag.

Pos Player Salary Years
QB Josh Allen, BUF $17.0 1
QB Trevor Lawrence, JAX $1.3 3
QB Zach Wilson, NYJ $1.1 3
RB D’Andre Swift, DET $19.6 1
RB J.K. Dobbins, BAL $7.0 2
RB James Conner, ARI $4.0 2
RB Miles Sanders, PHI $3.0 1
RB Tyler Allgeier, ATL $1.2 3
RB Gus Edwards, BAL $1.2 1
RB Raheem Mostert, MIA $1.4 1
WR Davante Adams, LV $19.0 1
WR Garrett Wilson, NYJ $4.8 4
WR Amari Cooper, CLE $5.3 2
WR Brandin Cooks, HOU $4.5 1
WR Tyler Boyd, CIN $1.3 1
WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling, KC $1.2 1
WR DeVante Parker, NE $1.6 1
TE Pat Freiermuth, PIT $2.5 3
TE Dawson Knox, BUF $1.3 1
TE Charlie Kolar, BAL $1.0 1

Peru Gurus

NOTES: Deshaun Watson could miss most, if not all of this season. Meaning, if the Gurus are going to get much of anything out of him, they need to ink him at least two years. It’s hard to imagine Justin Fields being “bad,” so his legs alone are worth $1.6 for multiple years, even as a backup. Aaron Rodgers just inked a big deal, and while that doesn’t mean he can’t retire if he goes out on top, he’s worth a couple years at that price. Even if Christian McCaffrey plays every single game and puts up “good” numbers, it’s probably not advisable to sign him to a multi-year deal at his salary. Travis Etienne hasn’t played NFL football yet, but his salary seems worth multiple years. If he turns into a total flop, that cap hit could come back to haunt them. But I think he’ll be given at least two years to show what he can do. The Gurus have a good young receiving corps, most of whom all seem worthy of long deals. The one possible exception is Jerry Jeudy, who, if he hits, could really explode. But if he maintains par for the course, he’ll wind up robbing the Gurus this year and beyond. Cole Kmet is expected to break out this year, or at least see a ton of targets. Trey McBride is a solid prospect who will have to wait for his time. Irv Smith is appropriately priced, but people have been waiting a couple years now for his breakout, which just hasn’t happened yet.

Pos Player Salary Years
QB Deshaun Watson, CLE $3.5 2
QB Justin Fields, CHI $1.6 4
QB Aaron Rodgers, GB $2.1 2
RB Christian McCaffrey, CAR $25.1 1
RB Travis Etienne, JAX $9.5 3
RB Aaron Jones, GB $13.7 1
RB AJ Dillon, GB $4.3 3
RB Rachaad White, TB $1.6 3
RB Darrel Williams, ARI $1.1 1
WR Michael Pittman, IND $7.0 3
WR Jerry Jeudy, DEN $12.5 1
WR Treylon Burks, TEN $2.9 4
WR Michael Thomas, NO $2.2 1
WR Skyy Moore, KC $3.1 4
WR Jahan Dotson, WAS $1.8 4
WR George Pickens, PIT $2.2 4
WR K.J. Osborn, MIN $1.0 2
TE Cole Kmet, CHI $2.0 3
TE Irv Smith, MIN $1.1 1
TE Trey McBride, ARI $1.7 4

Saint Kitts & Nevis Shockers

NOTES: The painful dilemma for the Shockers is that they’ve got a trio of studs — you can make it a quartet when Kyler Murray is healthy and playing up to his capabilities — who are playing under bloated contracts, which are more suited for “win-now” teams. But given the depth issues for the Shockers, they’re not quite in “win-now” mode. Signing Justin Jefferson or CeeDee Lamb for multiple years really puts the pressure on them to produce as the Top 4 receivers they’re being paid to be. And it hamstrings the Shockers’ salary cap moving forward. Mark Andrews is another story. He’s the second-highest paid tight end in the DFL and appropriately so. But at 21% of the team’s budget, he, too, hurts the cap. Murray signed a big deal in the NFL and is worth multiple years in the DFL. A couple other youngsters are worth inking to multi-year deals. But aside from that, this team should be loaded with 1-year deals when pen meets paper.

Pos Player Salary Years
QB Kyler Murray, ARI $7.5 2
QB Ryan Tannehill, TEN $1.0 1
QB Desmond Ridder, ATL $1.0 2
RB Damien Harris, NE $3.0 2
RB Trey Sermon, SF $1.1 1
RB Zack Moss, BUF $1.0 1
RB Eno Benjamin, ARI $1.0 1
RB Tyler Badie, BAL $1.0 1
RB Mark Ingram, NO $1.0 1
WR Justin Jefferson, MIN $29.1 1
WR CeeDee Lamb, DAL $24.0 1
WR William Fuller, FA $1.0 1
WR Jamison Crowder, BUF $1.2 1
WR Bryan Edwards, ATL $1.0 1
WR Tyquan Thornton, NE $1.0 2
WR Sammy Watkins, GB $1.0 1
WR N’Keal Harry, CHI $1.0 1
TE Mark Andrews, BAL $21.1 1
TE Mo Alie-Cox, IND $1.0 1
TE Cade Otton, TB $1.0 2

Sint Maarten Savages

NOTES: Patrick Mahomes is an all-galaxy quarterback who should always be among the Top 5 barring serious injury. But if the Savages lock him down for too many years at that salary, they might miss the market correction that I believe will inevitably happen. David Montgomery is a talented back who is in the final year of his NFL deal and his future is uncertain. With that in mind, he should be inked to just a 1-year deal. If we knew for certain that Elijah Mitchell was the full-time, every-down, workhorse back for the 49ers, he’d be worth a multi-year deal at his current price tag. But the Shanahans are, and always have been, savages — pun intended — to fantasy owners. To put it another way, there’s a chance that Mitchell’s salary is one of the best for a running back in the DFL. And yet, there’s also a chance that he becomes overpaid and overrated. Do the Savages feel lucky? Even if Cooper Kupp had anywhere close to the historic season he produced in 2021, it is not advisable to sign him to a multi-year deal at $26 million. Brandon Aiyuk is young and talented and when not in the aforementioned Shanahan doghouse, he’s well worth his current salary. As for the rest of the receiving corps, though, despite their low price tags, those roster spots might be better suited for an incoming crop of rookies next year, or for new free agents from the 2023 class. Maybe Tim Patrick gets an additional year.

Pos Player Salary Years
QB Patrick Mahomes, KC $14.0 2
QB Trey Lance, SF $3.0 3
RB David Montgomery, CHI $13.5 1
RB Elijah Mitchell, SF $6.5 1
RB Michael Carter, NYJ $2.0 2
RB Isaiah Spiller, LAC $1.7 3
RB Khalil Herbert, CHI $1.6 2
RB Dameon Pierce, HOU $1.2 3
RB Chuba Hubbard, CAR $1.1 1
WR Cooper Kupp, LAR $26.0 1
WR Brandon Aiyuk, SF $2.6 2
WR Michael Gallup, DAL $3.5 1
WR Jarvis Landry, NO $1.5 1
WR Laviska Shenault, JAX $1.3 1
WR Tim Patrick, DEN $1.2 1
WR John Metchie, HOU $1.3 1
WR KJ Hamler, DEN $1.1 1
TE George Kittle, SF $8.5 2
TE Mike Gesicki, MIA $2.2 1
TE Albert Okwuegbunam, DEN $1.5 1

South Africa Ballstrikers

NOTES: Russell Wilson might be getting up there in age, but he’s not dead by any means. He’s got a few good years left in him, for sure, with this season possibly being one of his best. Winston and Jones are space fillers. Nick Chubb has plenty of good years left in him and Cam Akers, presuming he can finally stay healthy, could wind up being a great deal. Will Fat Lenny have value beyond this season? I think if Brady finally retires after this year, all bets are off in Tampa. Josh Jacobs is a free agent after this year and Kenyan Drake is just a handcuff at this point. Those three backs should probably be kept to 1-year deals. Ja’Marr Chase is an absolute stud who hasn’t come close to his ceiling yet, but that $26 million price tag is screaming for a 1-year deal. I think Courtland Sutton is in line for his best season yet with Russ throwing to him. Mike Williams inked a new NFL deal and has a price tag well worth a multi-year deal in the DFL. Rookie David Bell and veteran Russell Gage have good price tags, but most of the rest of the roster can be turned over after this year.

Pos Player Salary Years
QB Russell Wilson, DEN $5.0 2
QB Jameis Winston, NO $1.0 1
QB Daniel Jones, NYG $1.0 1
RB Nick Chubb, CLE $12.5 2
RB Cam Akers, LAR $12.0 2
RB Leonard Fournette, TB $6.0 1
RB Josh Jacobs, LV $7.0 1
RB Kenyan Drake, LV $1.2 1
WR Ja’Marr Chase, CIN $26.0 1
WR Courtland Sutton, DEN $10.0 2
WR Mike Williams, LAC $4.1 3
WR Christian Kirk, JAX $3.5 1
WR Russell Gage, TB $1.5 2
WR Jakobi Meyers, NE $1.6 1
WR David Bell, CLE $2.5 3
WR Nico Collins, HOU $1.0 1
WR Donovan Peoples-Jones, CLE $1.0 1
TE Evan Engram, JAX $1.1 1
TE Tyler Higbee, LAR $1.0 1
TE C.J. Uzomah, NYJ $1.0 1