FAQ Category: Contracts

  • Contracts are fully paid on June 1 each year for the upcoming season. Meaning: a team will not save any money by cutting a player after that date because the player has already been paid. If a team wishes to save some money, they can cut a player before June 1.

  • If a player who was selected in the DFL draft and is playing under his rookie contract, there is no cap hit or penalty assessed since those contracts are non-guaranteed.

    If a player who was signed via the Auction is cut before his contract expires, the team that cut him will be assessed a cap hit.

  • An RFA (Restricted Free Agent) is a player who was selected in the DFL Draft. When their 4-year contract is complete, they will enter the ensuing Auction. The team who previously employed that RFA has the right to match the highest offer to that player in order to re-sign him. A UFA (Unrestricted Free Agent) is a player who is signed via the Auction or during the season. When his contract expires, he enters the Auction and no team has matching rights.

  • Yes. If a team has enough cash and cap space available, they can pay future years’ salary in the current year. Example: If a player has a 3-year contract worth $10 million per year, the team can pay $15 million in the first year, $10 million in the second, and $5 million in the third. Note: Contracts must always be front-loaded or spread evenly throughout the years.

  • No, once a contract has been signed following the Auction, the length of that contract remains unchanged (unless that player is cut and his contract is terminated).

  • Once a player’s contract expires, he can be retained by placing one of three franchise tags on him. If he does not receive a tag, he will enter the ensuing Auction. If the player is a Restricted Free Agent, his former team can match the highest bid for him. If he is an Unrestricted Free Agent, his former team will have to bid on him if they want to retain him.

  • The minimum salary for a contract is $1.00.

  • When a player is signed via the Auction, his annual salary is the same as the winning bid for him. For rookies selected in the Draft, their salary is slotted according to the Rookie Pay Scale.

  • A player can be signed via the Auction to a contract lasting anywhere between 1-4 years. Contracts for players drafted are automatically 4 years. And players signed in-season are just 1-year deals.